Friday, December 23, 2011

To Be Or Not To Be...That Is The Question!

Just this past monday my mom and i went up to Galesburg to visit Carl SandBurg College and their state of the art mortuary science lab. It was beautiful!! Im so exited to start there this fall. I feel really good about my recent decision to be a Mortician/Funeral home director, I know i have alot to offer to the industry, and that it truly is a ministry to helping others! Along with it being a ministery, there is also so much history that comes along with it, that i'm already so familiar with. From caskets, post mortum photography, mourning clothes, music, horse drawn carriage hurses, the list goes on! I appluad all of you out there that are in this field!! Its not easy, its very time consuming, but very rewarding you'll probally all agree. I heart Morticians!!! :)

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