Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mr. Historic Restorator!!

My hubby and I!! He's been working as a Historic Restorator/ Painter for 5 years now for Renaissance Restoration Inc. They're based out of Galena Illinios. His work is pure perfection, dedication, and the end results are truly phenomenal!!

Corey's job was to strip all the dental's pictured here under the roof down to bare wood. The wood was all burned down with a heat gun. He chose to use this method vs. using the chemicals called "take off" and "strip this" because for one it would take to many applications inorder to remove all of the old paint and two there, was at least 75 years of old paint on there. Back then you just painted over the old stuff, but today he and the rest of the Renaissance Restoration team are here to completly restore the General Dodge House!!

Superviser Glen Carrier hard at work using a pressure hose to spray off all the remaining paint chips from the brick. There was still tours going on even though the building was under some construction, so they had to keep the area as clean as possible.

All pictures taken by Corey Wickersham 2009

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Mya.L said...

This is one truly beautiful Victorian house - great restoration work!(