Tuesday, February 7, 2012


                                  How to do your own  lobotomy...hmmm..
                                       very interesting...... :)

                                     lobotomy girl dosen't look too happy...:(

                                             the tools of the trade...ahahaha!

                                             well, this shirt just says it all.......

                                   ancient skulls showing past lobotomy...


Friday, January 20, 2012

My alter ego...Emily the strange...

Look I had the bangs and everything!!! LOL!
Mom always said I was a lil differant, a lil strange...
the quite, loner child, who's only friends were her stuffed animals...


Poems by yours truly...

"Black is the core of my heart.
Sadly i walk through this terrifing reality,
until childhood fears rid me of my inner peace.
Darkness, Darkness, Darkness.
Thou art my salvation!"
- Sarah Saguilan

"I want to stay in love with my sorrow
don't wanna forget how it feels
here in the darkness i know myself
can't break free until i let it go..."
- Sarah Saguilan

( I suffer with depression, i have my whole life.
It wasn't until the last two years that i finally was put on medication. This is just a little clip from my diary, when i started on the meds, it was really hard for me to adjust. i had been depressed for so long, loneliness, and sadness, was all i knew. The darkness, and all my pain where my friends, as sick and twisted as that sounds, its true. Maybe theirs others of you out there who can relate to me too?? In a way, it's like all the pain, and guilt, hate, and shame, was like a drug, an addiction, all of it's own... i didn't want to forget how it felt
so for me to say, " I want to stay in love with my sorrow" that's how i really felt at the time, it was so powerful, the feeling i mean. To say your "in love" with something. It was a sick, and twisted love...but it was hard to let that go. But it was consuming everything i was, and the medication gave me a breath of fresh air, an escape from deaths lurking shadows. I finally felt,  FREE!!..... Like a free'd bird from a cage, i was free to fly again, after being a prisoner to myself, for so long...) 

"A cemetary surrounded by a graveyard fence, envokes a sense of claustrophobia, as does veiling, masking, and corsetry."

Crows significance:

A guide from darkness to light
Guidence while walking in the shadows...

                       "This is who i am inside,
       fighting all these years, 
 to see who i've really become...
tourtured by my depression
a captive of my demons
can't get these voices out of my head
something waits for me on the other side.
Now i can't run and hide...
Slowly fading away
the poisen running through my veins,
how many times have i done this to myself?
Nothing but numbness inside,
I don't feel the pain amymore.
Can't make this feeling go away,
but i can't stop now...
the power is so overcoming,
the rush and high, soon fade away...
and now im left in the darkness
alone again..."
- Sarah Saguilan

Monday, January 16, 2012


Black friday at Walmart gone bad.... lol!!!
The Bride and Groom to be...
Awww little zombie sally wants to play, who will come and play with her???
Who said blood and gore is not HOT??!!
Rob Zombie....who dosen't love him?!
This would be my son, "look at my pet zombie mommy!"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Creepy Dolls

Isn't she cute!?! I must have her!!
These and other dolls for sale by Basket. Click on her link to the right to see more creepy dolls! Also visit the owners website to find more of the items pictured here, a MUST SEE!! That link is to the right as well, The Gothic Tea Society.
Ceramic baby hands salt & pepper shakers $35.00 at etsy.com
Ceramic legs to go with your hands. LOVE these!! $40.00 at etsy.com

It's raining tufted couches!!!

The best of both worlds!! A coffin and a tufted couch!! SWEET!!!
My baby!!! From my personal collection. Early 1900's Victorian Parlor couch in amazing condition!! The detailing in the wood work is simply timeless!! Long flowing bows and flowers. Complete with original wooden wheels!! HEAVEN!!!
Beautiful Brown
Dreamy white
Calming blue
Enchanting grey
Seductive red
Royal purple
Stunning gold
Sunny yellow
Electric green